Company profile

Quality leadership
Hirslanden offers first-class medical services; the highest priorities here are quality leadership and quality assurance.
Technical equipment
Hirslanden clinics continually adjust their medical and technical equipment according to current developments. Every clinic is fully equipped with diagnostic instruments. Interventional radiology, computertomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MRI) are standard.
Affiliated doctors
The system of affiliated doctors allows for a broad spectrum of specialised medical care. Patients can make their personal choice from 2’100 fully qualified doctors.
System providers
The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is distinguished on the market as a system provider with its own institutes and departments. As a system provider Hirslanden guarantees that all integral medical services are available for the patients at all times. Thus, interdisciplinary co-operation between the centres of expertise staffed by medical specialists provide the ideal conditions for managing highly complicated cases.
Qualified personnel
With their highly qualified personnel, the hospitals offer individual care in pleasant surroundings.