Welcome to Klinik Im Park

Klinik Im Park is a friendly private clinic of the highest standard in an idyllic setting near Lake Zurich. Our 28 centres of excellence with 290 experienced specialists and our professional and attentive care ensure that we provide top medical services. We take the same pride in our first-class hospitality and gastronomy.

Hybrid operating room in the Klinik Im Park

In 2014 the Klinik Im Park opened a new hybrid operating room. The Klinik Im Park is among only six hospitals in Switzerland offering this cutting-edge technology. Hybrid operating rooms enable improved minimally invasive intervention techniques and even greater safety for patients. 
What is a hybrid OR? 
The word “hybrid” is of Greek origin and means “bundled”. A hybrid OR has the technical and hygienic equipment of an OR and is outfitted with highly accurate radiological imaging devices. The imaging capabilities in a hybrid OR far exceed those of the equipment in conventional ORs with mobile C-arms.
What are the advantages of a hybrid OR?
The hybrid technology enables intra-operative high definition imaging, thus laying the foundations for minimally invasive surgical procedures which necessitate extremely precise imaging of anatomical structures – for example, certain types of heart surgery. Higher patient safety can be guaranteed during demanding surgical procedures due to the additional options in the hybrid OR. Time-consuming relocations of patients, possibly even under anaesthetic, are done away with, which significantly improves safety and hygiene.
What does the hybrid OR mean for the patients?
The Klinik Im Park is only the sixth hospital in Switzerland to set up a hybrid OR. The new high-tech infrastructure provides interventional specialists with a suitable environment in which they can safely undertake the complex minimally invasive surgical procedures that are now possible. The hybrid OR means maximum safety for the patients during the operation thanks to the availability of cutting-edge medical technology.

Welcome to the Preventive Centre Zurich

Good health is important. You can make a significant contribution towards your health with a balanced diet, enough exercise and a healthy lifestyle. But what else do you need to stay healthy? And how do you know if you’re making the most of the available preventive measures?
Different people will require different medical treatment to help them maintain good health. That’s why we don’t carry out any standard checkups, but rather provide you with a tailored preventive plan. The Preventive Centre Zurich at the Hirslanden Klinik Im Park Zurich analyses your personal health situation and takes into account all your individual factors. These include age, sex, pre-existing illnesses, personal risk factors, as well as your family’s medical history. This personalised approach is the most effective form of prevention. After assessing your health, we then plan all the necessary measures and preventive examinations. These can include early detection tests for particular diseases, as well as recommendations for changing the way you look after your health. Following your preventive examinations, we will help you create a plan of action for your future preventive care.
The Preventive Centre Zurich at the Hirslanden Klinik Im Park Zurich follows the internationally approved guidelines created by the US Preventive Service Taskforce. We only carry out examinations that are based on scientific evidence.