Swissspital is proud to welcome you to Switzerland and offer you an unforgettable journey.We organise your individual transfers. We provide your personal translator.

Translation services

We offer a comprehensive range of translation services in Russian, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and French languages. We will translate and execute all necessary documents for you. We can also help you with your traveling visa application procedure.
Private Interpreter service is often required for accompaniment during the course of a business meeting, conference, exhibition, or simply during a cultural trip or for entertainment purposes. We offer a first class interpreting service, dealing with all manner of needs.
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Our tours are wisely planned to show you the most famous destinations in Switzerland. Alongside, our divergent tour plans will take you to less known but no less noteworthy attractions. Our guides may also point you to promising starting points for personal explorations, based on your special interests. All excursion packages are made available to you, whether a half of day, full day, or several days tours.
We will proudly guide you from snow covered mountain peaks to clear blue rivers and lakes below, from quiet cafes, shops and cozy accommodations in alpine villages to famous, cultural show places, monuments and historic sights in Bern, Geneva and Zurich.
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Your personal driver will ensure you arrive at your destination on time, in comfort and totally stress-free. Discreet and reliable.
Upon your arrival at the airport our driver will meet you past the customs control. She or He will meet you at a location of your preference.
We will observe all flights on-line. Your driver will therefore always be aware if your flight is delayed.
Prepare in peace and quiet for your appointment and enjoy the view. Our multi-lingual drivers will bring you safely to your destination.