We organise your medical treatments. We manage your individual needs.

Swissspital provides medical treatment and service to foreign patients in Switzerland. We organise medical intervention, rehabilitation and recreation in the best private clinics, university hospitals, medical centres and health resorts. Upon your request we will:

Select for you the most appropriate clinic taking into account the character of your medical contest;
Arrange your travel and accommodation;
Provide you with an interpreter and an aide while in the country;
Prepare all required documentation;
Offer options for leisure time activities;

Our service is swift and accurate in representing and protecting your best interests. We work in accordance with Swiss laws to ensure the highest quality, confidentiality and responsibility in arranging your treatment abroad.

We cooperate with university hospitals and private clinics across Switzerland. Besides, we cooperate with Swiss Olympic Medical Base providing services to professional athletes and sport fans.
Swissspital will provide you with personalised therapy and highest quality treatment in Switzerland.


O­ur spe­ci­a­list will in­qui­re from y­o­u a­bo­ut de­ta­ils of y­o­ur me­di­cal re­cord and y­o­ur pre­fe­ren­ces re­gar­ding check up or re­co­ve­ry.

Execution of documents

Clinics demand from foreign patients to provide documents in German or English. We will translate and execute all necessary documents for you. We will also help you with your traveling visa application procedure.

Choice of clinic

After studying your medical documents and taking into account your requirements we will help you in selection of a clinic and treatment regimen the most suitable for you. Before clinic starts the treatment the agreement between patient and clinic is to be concluded and preliminary calculation of cost is to be provided.

Reception, treatment, and assistance

We will arrange your reception and transport, provide for you a professional interpreter, as well as an assistance in the clinic. The course of your treatment and organisational issues in the clinic are under control of our specialist.


In addition to treatment we offer you to get into wonderful world of Switzerland, enjoy sights and amazing views of this dreamy country. We will offer to you a cultural program as well.

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Email: info@swissspital.ch

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