Private. Individual. Intensive. Biochemical restoration treatment.

We treat the widest range of psychological disorders including depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, eating disorders, sex and love addiction, pathological gambling, codependency and many others. Our psychiatric services also include treatment of personality disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive/compulsive disorders, phobias,trauma, chronic pain syndrome, burnout and bipolar disorder.
We are different from other treatment centres in the world because we treat one client at a time, very privately, in Swiss 6-star luxury surroundings.
Each client’s personalised treatment plan is unique and implemented by an exclusive and dedicated team of 12 specialists, including a personal counsellor who lives with the client during their stay at our treatment centre. We treat the underlying causes of our clients’ disorders, not merely their symptoms.
Our clients receive one-on-one therapy eight hours a day, not eight hours a month as is the case in other treatment centres. The effects of clinical therapy are enhanced by our wide range of complementary therapies. Once a client is ready to leave our centre, they are provided with a personalised continuing care program and local support anywhere in the world.

Biomolecular restoration

Traditional treatment centres are based on talk therapy and, while this is also an important part of what we do, up to 80% of clients leaving traditional treatment centres relapse shortly after discharge because they suffer anxiety, depression, insomnia or cravings and they often leave in the fog of prescription medications.

We address these problems by correcting biochemical and neurochemical imbalances and by treating underlying psychological issues.
We believe that biochemical restoration is the missing link in most treatment programs today and that it is fundamental to lasting recovery.
Our comprehensive laboratory testing enables us to identify a client’s biochemical and neurochemical imbalances. Our personalized organic formulation, comprising micronutrients and amino acids, rebalances and corrects body chemistry and neurotransmitter imbalances.