Swiss clinics specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of cancer patients are the leading European medical institutions in the field of oncology and haematology. They offer a unique range of medical services, the most modern equipment, and the best medical infrastructure, as well as many years of experience in providing health care services for cancer patients.

Primary tumours detection, depiction, and precise localisation are of greatest importance in successful tumour treatment. The most modern technologies such as magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), computer tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, and interventional digital imaging procedures form the basis of a successful diagnosis.
These methods are used especially for disorders of brain, spinal cord or internal organs (e.g. prostate, lungs, and intestines). On the basis of diagnosis specialised teams of physicians decide on therapy procedures that are adapted to the patients’ needs.
One distinguishes three main forms of therapy that can each be used individually or in combination depending on the type and localisation of tumour.

Medical oncology
Chemotherapies, as well as hormonal or immunotherapies are used in medical oncology. In order to fend off side effects more effectively regular specialist examinations during and immediately after therapy are essential.

Radio oncology
Radio oncology has experienced enormous advances in recent years. At the institutes for radio oncology, our clinics offer one of the best equipment infrastructures in all of Europe. This includes a linear accelerator that is equipped with the latest technologies for the most modern radiotherapy. It is used to carry out a treatment with technology that makes it possible to adapt the individual radiation fields to the tumour volume. The great benefit of this kind of treatment is protection of surrounding healthy tissue.
The institute for radio oncology was one of the first in Europe to use an “on board imaging” system” (OBI). This provides the ability to check the precise positioning of the patient before and during therapy and to monitor exactly the tumour behaviour under radiation. As a result the tumour can be irradiated with higher doses and the healthy surrounding tissue can be better protected. The local probability of cure is improved, and definitely fewer side effects occur.
Our clinic offers tumour treatment with the CyberKnife technology since March 2009. The device is used to apply a single, highly accurate, powerful dose of radiation to certain tumours. This is the only radio oncology institution in Switzerland to cover all areas of modern radiotherapy.
The CyberKnife system is the world’s only non-invasive, robot controlled radiological system used to treat tumours at any position in body. The device combines an image controlled tumour location function with a computer-controlled robotic arm and a system to precisely position the patient. A continuous image guidance system with computer controlled robot technology tracks tumour and patient movements in real-time during entire treatment, identifying and correcting changes in position. A new era has dawned for affected patients: uniting state-of-the-art technologies in one device facilitates extremely precise, high dosage radiotherapy, while damage to the surrounding tissue is simultaneously minimised. Invasive head and body frames are no longer required.
An interdisciplinary coordination of the various specialists is prerequisite for the optimal care of our patients. The teams of our clinics consist of specialists in radio oncology, radiation therapy, oncology, haematology, internal medicine, surgeons of the most varied disciplines and medical physicists.
In collaboration with your physician we provide the necessary follow-up examinations after your oncological treatment or operation.
Early diagnosis and timely preventive measures help to maintain health and avoid many problems in the future. Overall body examination, or also called a check up, including a blood test for tumour markers should be undertaken starting from 27-30 years of age.