A word of welcome

The AndreasKlinik Cham Zug is located in the centre of Cham and yet in absolutely peaceful surroundings. Due to its distinctive architecture and furnishings, the clinic emanates a comfortable hotel atmosphere.
More than 65 physicians from different specialties use the modern infrastructure of our clinic for their patients.
With its 56 beds the AndreasKlinik Cham Zug has a manageable size so that patients and guests never feel lost but always feel attended to personally and in good hands with us.
Our experienced, well trained professional nurses are very familiar with the medical specialties represented here and, together with the physicians, ensure optimal care. Due to the presence and availability of the physicians as well as the well equipped monitoring systems of the units the safety of our patients is provided for.
Friendly employees, well cared for premises with comfortable accommodations, a varied and appealing gastronomy as well as individual services make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Welcome to the GVZ

We are the centre for Gastroenterology and Visceral Surgery Zug, at the Andreas Clinic in Cham. The GVZ provides a team combining the expertise of medical specialists working in the disciplines of gastroenterology and visceral surgery.
We place our knowledge and skills at your service so that you receive the best possible treatment and individual care throughout the diagnostic and therapeutic process.
We are particularly concerned to maintain personal contact with you and your family so that we can understand your needs and worries. Mutual trust can make a significant contribution to the recovery process.
Our multidisciplinary, centre-based cooperation means that investigations and treatment can be provided in accordance with the latest medical findings from a single source. If a hospital stay is required, we can provide the pleasant environment of the Andreas Clinic, backed up by the expertise and friendliness of our nursing team.

Welcome to the OSZ

Welcome to the Andreas Clinic OSZ Orthopaedic Sports Traumatology Centre in Zug.
Keeping you on the move: our paramount aim!
t work, in sports, or during leisure time – at any time there is always the danger of sustaining a gradual or acute disorder or injury of our locomotor apparatus. There are just as many reasons for this as there are degrees of severity.
The OSZ network has been created in mutual co-operation between recognised experts and the Andreas Clinic to combine the complex specialties Orthopaedics and (Sports) Traumatology.

Pregnancy & Birth

Future parents
The well-being of mother and baby are the central points of our natal care. With the agreement of the doctor, we endeavour to grant the wishes of individual parents at the birth. Your partner is most welcome to attend. This also applies, with the agreement of the physician, when a caesarean is performed.
Before the birth you can familiarise yourself with the birth unit and our midwifes. We will be happy to show you the birth rooms and the maternity unit as well as answer any questions you should have. You are welcome to visit at any time, we would just ask you to tell the midwife beforehand.
Our antenatal classes (in German) are designed to assist us in accompanying you through the remaining stages of your pregnancy, to relieve uncertainty and anxiety and to help you to ensure optimum preparation for the forthcoming birth. With this thorough and clear introduction to all of the most important topics, we would like to ensure that the emotional and unique event of childbirth becomes a positive experience.
During birth
Throughout birth your doctor will be in charge. She/he will care for you throughout the delivery along with an experienced midwife. The midwife will supervise you during labour and will offer advise and help. Your wishes as far as what position you want to give birth will be taken into consideration as far as possible.
In the case of a caesarean a team of anaesthetists will monitor your heart and blood pressure. Under normal circumstances a caesarean will be performed with a local anaesthetic. You will be able to experience the birth of your child whilst fully conscious.
Following birth
The midwife will take care of you and she will help and support you and your partner feeding your baby. The first two hours following the birth you will stay with the midwife and then taken to your room in the maternity ward.
Child care
Following the birth the new born baby will given a check-up by a paediatrician. Together with the nursing staff she will decide on the care given to your baby. Should your baby require special medical care or observation it is in the best possible hands in our baby unit. The modern technical infrastructure in our clinic offers everything required to ensure the safe keeping of your baby.
With our rooming-in-system you will have the baby in your room for 24 hours, allowing you to get to know its needs better. We will help you with the early stages of parenting, that will be fitted to the individual needs of your baby. We set high values on a good instruction and advice regarding breastfeeding. Following your stay in the clinic our breastfeeding adviser will be happy to support you at any time.
Gym courses for women in childbed
We recommend all mothers to attend our gym classes six to eight weeks after birth. We will teach you specific relaxation, metabolism and invigoration exercises to support your physical well-being.