Welcome to Am Rosenberg Clinic

The entire medical and service team of the Am Rosenberg Clinic welcomes you to this website. In our work, we aim to fulfil the philosophy of our establishment. This is why the motto “If we cannot improve we are no longer good enough” is always in the thinking of our staff. Our objective is to administer the best therapy for each of our patients in an individualised way – this involves the use of up-to-date equipment and modern technologies by competent and committed physicians and staff.

Your stay at Klinik Am Rosenberg

The Klinik Am Rosenberg focuses on individual and holistic care of its patients. The nursing staff support and care for both the patients and their families throughout their stay in the clinic.
Our quality of care plays a decisive role for our patients to get their independence back as well as promoting general health and supporting patients in times of crisis.

Doctors presence and emergencies

An anaesthetist is present in the clinic throughout day and night. Your own doctor or his deputy is always within reach through the clinic if necessary. The patients rooms are always in operation and anaesthetic team is always on stand-by should any emergency occur.