Welcome to Clinique La Colline, Geneva

Located in the centre of Geneva, Clinique La Colline is a unique institution, in terms of both the architecture of its buildings and the way its departments are arranged.
Its recent renovation has conserved all of its former charm whilst adopting a contemporary look. Its façades stand out from the upper part of Geneva and can also look back on over 100 years’ experience of combining vision with innovation.
Clinique La Colline is a multidisciplinary medical and surgical establishment. It is equipped to welcome patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outpatient care is also provided in the Polyclinic and Emergency Centre.
In addition to the various medical specialties catered for by the independent doctors/surgeons from the FMH (Swiss Medical Association), shoulder, hip, knee, hand, foot, back and spinal column surgery form a major part of its activity.
It has six of the most modern operating rooms in Europe, equipped for general surgery, endoscopic surgery and navigation-assisted surgery. It also houses a powerful, high-technology radiology institute, a collection center (Unilabs) and in addition, the premises house a physiotherapy unit equipped for all exercises and a balneotherapy pool.
Finally, the department “Executive & International Medical Services”(internal link) particularly aimed at often foreign patients offers personalised “Check-ups” adapted to each health situation.
The combination of the skills from these units and their concept of caring for patients generate a synergy that promotes excellence in medical care.
We place great emphasis on skills and standards that are based on comfort, hospitality and technology to ensure that our profession is seen in a new light.
Changing and moving with the times are our priorities.