I thank all per­son­nel of the cli­nic for the­ir hig­hest pro­fes­si­o­na­lism in per­for­man­ce of the­ir du­ti­es, for kind and sen­si­ti­ve at­ti­tu­de to me. The doc­tors who e­xa­mi­ned me im­pres­sed me a lot. The­y we­re ve­ry ca­re­ful with me ex­pla­i­ning in de­ta­il all the­ir ac­ti­ons and an­swe­ring all my ques­ti­ons ful­ly. Im­ple­men­ting all the ad­van­ced e­quip­ment and the­ir high pro­fes­si­o­na­lism the doc­tors in char­ge of my ca­se ma­na­ged to i­den­ti­fy the cau­ses for my old a­ches and ma­la­i­se. Af­ter that, thro­ugh a de­ta­i­led dis­cus­si­on of e­ve­ry fol­lo­wing step we de­fi­ned the di­rec­ti­on of my fur­ther tre­at­ment. Ma­ny thanks to all of y­o­u!

Olga, 57 y.o.