I wo­uld li­ke to thank tho­se who ar­ran­ge my tre­at­ment with all my he­art. Du­ring my who­le tre­at­ment in the cli­nic an in­ter­pre­ter or a ma­na­ger as­sis­ted me. The­y not on­ly hel­ped me with tran­sla­ti­on but al­so sup­por­ted me by gi­ving me in­spi­ra­ti­on and bo­os­ting my con­fi­den­ce. It was ve­ry im­por­tant for me to think po­si­ti­ve­ly be­fo­re my com­plex sur­ge­ry. As a re­sult I had no fe­ar be­fo­re sur­ge­ry and I be­li­e­ved e­ve­ry­thing wo­uld go all right. I think this po­si­ti­ve thin­king hel­ped me a lot du­ring re­co­ve­ry af­ter sur­ge­ry as well. Now when I fe­el much bet­ter and can li­ve a ful­fil­led li­fe I wo­uld li­ke to thank the doc­tor in char­ge of my ca­se, me­di­cal staff of the cli­nic and all em­plo­y­e­es of Swis­sspi­tal who we­re al­wa­ys by my si­de with all my he­art!

Maria, 49 y.o.