The em­plo­y­e­es of the cli­nic with whom I be­ca­me fri­ends with du­ring my tre­at­ment we­re a­bo­ve all pra­i­se: co­ur­te­o­us, po­li­te, al­wa­ys re­a­dy to help. The­y a­re re­al pro­fes­si­o­nals. I felt that the­se pe­o­ple re­al­ly li­ked the­ir work and put li­fe in­to it. Nur­ses im­press with the­ir co­ur­te­o­us and sen­si­ti­ve at­ti­tu­de to a pa­ti­ent and al­wa­ys smi­le. In the cli­nic y­o­u a­re li­te­ral­ly fil­led with op­ti­mism. I think that with the help of such pe­o­ple re­co­ve­ry pe­ri­od af­ter sur­ge­ry will pass ve­ry quick and suc­ces­sful. I wish to all the em­plo­y­e­es of Swis­sspi­tal and to the pri­va­te cli­nic it­self to pros­per and ex­tend so that lots of o­ther pa­ti­ents from Rus­si­a co­uld get the­ir pro­fes­si­o­nal help, get rid of di­se­a­ses and ex­cru­ci­a­ting pa­in, and then re­mem­ber wi­thin the who­le li­fe as well as I do of the cli­nic and all its staff with gra­ti­tu­de. I wish y­o­u jo­y and suc­cess! Gra­te­ful pa­ti­ent.

Anna, 61 y.o.