Schmerzklinik Basel, Basel

Located in Basel, one of Switzerland’s major cities, Schmerzklinik Basel has been at the forefront of pain treatment for many years. Founded in 1978, Schmerzklinik Basel is the only health institution in Switzerland focusing exclusively on the treatment of pain of the musculoskeletal system and headache. At the clinic, 32 physicians and 110 medical staff members treat patients living with pain using a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.
Due to its expertise in pain treatment, the clinic plays an important role in the local health sector, especially in the fields of neuro- and spinal surgery, neurology, anaesthetics, regulatory medicine and rheumatology.
The clinic’s four main areas of activity are interventional pain diagnostics and management, psychiatry and psychotherapy (incl. biofeedback and neuropsychology), regulatory medicine (incl. traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping, plant therapy and homeopathy) and rheumatology (incl. physical and manual medicine).
Among the clinic’s main facilities are its outpatient services, an in-patient ward, physiotherapy and radiology units as well as an operating theatre and an intermediate care unit.
Within GSMN, Schmerzklinik Basel acts as a centre of excellence for pain treatment and is able to make optimal use of synergies between its services and those of the network’s other clinics.
Key specialties
· Anaesthetics, Interventional pain diagnostics and management · Complementary medicine · Intermediate care unit and operating theatre · Neurology, Headache centre · Physiotherapy · Psychiatry and psychotherapy · Psychology and neuropsychology · Radiology · Rheumatology, physical and manual medicine
Key figures
· 15 Beds · 32 Admitting physicians · 110 Employees