Hôpital de la Providence, Neuchâtel

Situated in Neuchâtel, western Switzerland, Hôpital de la Providence is located in the heart of the city, only a stone’s throw away from the lakeside in a peaceful and quiet environment. Hôpital de la Providence is highly specialised in orthopedics, nephrology, ophthalmology and other surgical specialties.
The orthopedic service uses the most advanced treatment methods and covers 80% of all orthopedic treatments in the canton of Neuchâtel. In addition, the hemodialysis unit is among the ten largest hemodialysis centers in Switzerland and treats over one hundred patients each year. To facilitate access to hemodialysis for patients living in the mountains near Neuchâtel, Hôpital de la Providence also operates a satellite hemodialysis center in the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds.
The ophthalmological service has an excellent reputation that goes far beyond the region of Neuchâtel. Vision disorders are corrected using the most advanced and revolutionary therapeutic methods and technologies.
Overall, 50 licensed physicians carry out more than 2,500 operations each year at Hôpital de la Providence, of which 65% are inpatient and 35% are outpatient surgeries.
Key specialties
· Orthopedics · Hemodialysis · Ophthalmology · Nephrology · Gynaecology · Urology · Abdominal, vascular and thoracic surgery · General medicine · Radiology
Key figures
· 56 Beds · 50 Admitting physicians · 250 Employees · 2,500 Surgical interventions