Clinique Valmont, Glion sur Montreux

With a century of history behind it, Clinique Valmont has had the privilege of welcoming royalty, politi- cians and famous artists from around the world. Set above Montreux in peaceful, green surroundings, it offers an outstanding view over Lake Geneva and the Alps.
Acquired by Genolier Swiss Medical Network in 2006, the clinic has been entirely renovated yet retains all its old-world charm. Clinique Valmont specialises mainly in orthopaedic, neurological and spinal rehabilitation. The rehabilitation consultants are assisted by an experienced team of neuropsy- chologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, sports coaches and dieti- cians. Personalised care that caters to the individual needs of every patient are at the heart of the clinic’s treatment and rehabilitation programmes.
Clinique Valmont is an internationally renowned rehabilitation centre and enjoys an excellent reputation with physicians and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad.
It offers spacious, comfortable and ergonomically designed rooms and suits meeting the requirements of the most discerning patients.
The facility offers its patients an indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and a gourmet restaurant named «Côté Lac», which features a terrace with a spectacular view.
Clinique Valmont also offers care for patients with Parkinson’s disease and an Alzheimer Testing Centre.
Key specialties
· Neurological rehabilitation · Orthopaedic rehabilitation · Spinal rehabilitation · Memory clinic
Key figures
· 59 Beds · 12 Suites · 4 Admitting physicians · 85 Employees · 510 Admissions