Clinique de Genolier, Genolier

Founded in 1972, Clinique de Genolier is the flagship of GSMN. With 128 beds and 198 admitting physicians, it is one of the largest private clinics in Switzerland. Genolier offers specialist medical care, state-of-the-art technology, an experienced medical team and premier-quality hotel services all under one roof.
Ideally located between Geneva and Lausanne, Clinique de Genolier offers sweeping views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps. A presidential suite and junior suites furnished in contemporary style and La Table, a gourmet restaurant, ensure an exceptional standard of hospitality for the patients.
Clinique de Genolier has built a strong reputation in the treatment of cancer with its radiation oncology centre ranking among Europe’s most modern facilities. The clinic is also the first facility in Switzerland to offer Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT) as an innovative treatment for breast cancer.
With its up-to-date medical imaging department, the clinic excels in general and digestive surgery, orthopaedics and plastic surgery. Gynaecology, neurology and cardiology complete the range.
The Clinic also has an outpatient centre, providing specialised consultations, outpatient health-care services, laboratory investigations and medical imaging services to all patients, whether they are private, semi-private or state insured.
Clinique de Genolier offers one of the most up-to-date operating theatres in Europe. The operating rooms are equipped with the latest innovations in medical technology, including telemedicine.
The Genolier brand is well established in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and many foreign countries.
Key specialties
· Multidisciplinary Oncology Institute · Back centre, Neurosurgery · Orthopaedics · General and digestive surgery · Urology · Plastic and cosmetic surgery · Gynaecology, senology (IORT), Women’s Health Centre, Breast centre · Radiology and nuclear medicine · Taking care of health assets: Check-up · Sports medicine · Internal medicine
Key figures
· 128 Available beds · 198 Admitting physicians 350 Employees · 2,777 Surgical interventions